Wheel Type Saw Sets


Wheel type saw sets are the most uncommon of all saw sets. There are plenty of patents listed in Todd Friberg's book, but the actual manufacture of this type of saw set appears not to have happened. Perhaps because of their efficiency, were only sold to saw manufacturers and not the common carpenter.

List of patent numbers for Wheel Type saw sets in this resource patent list


Patented by Hugh B. Foley & Fredrick Wright Dec 28, 1909 # 944,729 and Hugh B. Foley Oct 3, 1916. # 1,199,977 and Frank Wardwell Jan 18,1916 #1,168,352

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A guide strip was clamped to the saw blade and the set rolled along the length of the blade. The formed wheel drives the teeth left and right.

The bottom example shown has patent applied for on the frame and Minneapolis. It also has two support wheels which differs from the patent

Advertisement for Foley's Rotary Meat Saw Setter

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Foley Patent by Hugh B. Foley Oct 3, 1916. # 1,199,977 Another version with the patent date shown on decal

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This appears to be a more modern version of the saw set above. Its operation and adjustment is similar although the forming wheel is different

Yet another version