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Herrick Aiken Patent May 24,1830 before patent numbers started

Stamped F. H. Aiken Maker Franklin, NH

This example was made by Herrick's son Frank who ran the company after Herrick's death in 1866

Reprint by The Early American Industries Assn. 1973

Aiken flyer

Only the #1 was believed to have been made

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Engravings of the 1852 & 1857 silver medals awarded to Herrick Aiken for his saw sets and other tools
Aiken type with support bar


Advertisement from 1909 W. Marples Catalog

Gustaf Anderson Patent May 1, 1906 #819,114
Disston trip hammer circular saw set for saws 5" to 24" in diameter

Picture supplied by Keith Rucker check out his old woodworking machine website at www.owwm.com

Henry Flater and A. Davis Patent Jan 25, 1887 #356,460
Foley Bench Saw Set

Freeman Collier Patent June 17, 1930 # 1,763,760

John W. Gaede Patent Jul 12, 1910 #964,417

Sold with Cast Iron foot pedal not shown. Has Buckeye cast on side

John W. Gaede Patent Nov 21, 1939 #2,180,899

Made by Ardee Tool Company & Trade Tool Co.

 Peter Gianera Patent Jan 30, 1906 # 811,392


Joseph Gottsman Patent Aug 13, 1901 # 680484


Gottsman saw setting machine trip hammer type from 1912 The Wood-Worker magazine

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Noah Harvey Patent Oct 18, 1881 #248,463

Philiace Morin Patent May 16, 1922 #1,416,374



Sample shown with depth stop

Prestonís Set No.77

Made in England

True Circle circular saw set

An example of the cheapest and junkyest $3.15 at Montgomery Ward in the 50's