Plier Saw Set European Style


Mainly made in Germany, France and Scandinavia, are surprisingly common in the United States. Most are of the same pattern and not all are shown here.

For more information about German saw sets click here German saw set site

Some of the German made saw sets will have D.R.G.M. (Deutsches Reichsgebrauchsmuster) stamped on them.  This is not a manufacturer's name, but a registration of design pre-1945.  It was a design which was worthy of registration, but did not warrant a full patent.  This allowed for only 6 years of patent protection.

Schmidt's Zange No 2 saw set
Hirsch saw set

Small sized 1.5 mm

Hirsch saw set

Large sized 2.5 mm

Peugeot saw set

Picture provided by Bill Finley

Peugeot saw set
Unmarked saw set nicely made with checkering
Garanto Fein saw set
Henry Boker saw set
Garanto saw set
Sandvik saw set made in Sweden
Lasso Universal made in Sweden
Large sized German saw set