Band Saw Type Saw Sets


Band saw sets are designed to set the teeth on band saw blades. Commonly the blade is indexed through the saw set using the teeth as an advance mechanism. More complicated than most saw sets, they tend to get a higher price on the market. Generally though, band saw sets are usually not identified as such and frequently can be purchased cheaply as an oddity.

List of patent numbers for Band saw sets in this resource patent list

Disston Band saw Set

Also sold by Hunther Brothers, E. C. Atkins and The Rotary File Company, the probable maker

Cunningham Band saw Set Made in Worcester Mass based upon Roswell Cook's Patent Dec 23, 1873 #145,724

A. F. Bruchholz is one of the other names seen, but Cunningham is the most common

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Unknown Band saw Set based upon Roswell Cook's Patent Dec 23, 1873 #145,724

American Woodworking Machinery Company of Rochester, NY. It appears to be a re-engineering of the Cunningham only about 1/3 larger
George Bugbee Patent  Dec 11, 1877 # 198,077 made by J. A. Fay Co.

George Bugbee & Fredrick Danner  Patent  Mar 16 1886 # 338,161 made by the Egan Company.  This was shown at the World's Columbian Exhibition in 1893

Click on the picture for the whole article from the 1887 edition of Power and Transmission Magazine

Made by Baldwin, Tuthill & Bolton and the Oliver Machinery Company size 83 shown




Made in two different sizes and powered in the catalog cut from Machinery Company of America catalog #30


New Britain Machine Company also known as the Equal Blow

Aubrey Pineo Patent Oct 20, 1896 # 569,766

The first represents the patent with the advance pawl pulling up from the top.


The second represents a change to the patent with the advance pawl pushing up from the bottom and uses

Robert Brown Patent Sept 12, 1899 # 632694 saw clamp.




Advertisement from 1903 Simonds catalog


Listed as the Little Giant saw setting machine in the 1895 Chas. A. Strelinger catalog also sold by Frank Clement




Picture from Hammacher Schlemmer catalog of 1896

Wright's band saw setter also sold by the American Wood Working Company

Louis Northup Patent  Mar 24, 1891 # 448,742

Uknown Band Saw Set
Star brand band saw set from the 1897 Chas. Strelinger & Co catalog

William Howes Patent Feb 25, 1879 # 212,700

Made when men were men and because of equipment like this, missing fingers and arms

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First and Prybil 1876 advertisement showing band saw setting machine

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Black diamond saw set and filer "The Only" from Dec 1912 "The Woodworker Magazine"

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Lyman Orton Patent Feb 1, 1876 # 172,931 Made by the Atlantic Works showing the set and the support.

Picture taken from Grimshaw's book "Grimshaw on saws with supplement" 1882.

From a Google books scan.

George Amesbury's Patent May 2, 1882 # 257,201 improved band saw set 

Made by Goodell & Waters, Philadelphia and also sold by Frank Clement

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