Seymour Smith and Hotchkiss Sons




Seymour Smith was born in Springfield, Vermont in 1815 and died in 1904 at 90.


In 1850 after being superintendent of the woolen mills in Rodgersonville, Mass, Seymour Smith moved to Worcester, Mass and formed the company of Smith & Buxton with Daniel Buxton.  In 1856 the company moved to Sharon, CT and began to manufacture tools and hardware.

Not long after, Buxton left the company and Smith continued under his own name.  The business operated in a section of the Hotchkiss Sons' manufacturing plant and did contract work for them.  Along with the contract work Smith also manufactured his own products which Hotchkiss acted as the sales agents for.  This explains why the saw sets made before the formation of Seymour Smith & Son are called "Hotchkiss pattern" and why the 1859 Patent is sold as "Hotchkiss' Mill, Circular and Cross Cut Saw Sets" as shown in the sales literature.  Although Smith was making this saw set, Hotchkiss Son's were selling it for him.


 This was Smith's first saw set patent, patented on Oct 4, 1859 for an adjustable wrest type which looks like a monkey wrench.  Interestingly the patent lists a Hotchkiss as a witness with the first two initials that look like G A.  The samples that I have seen only have the Smith patent number marked on them.


In 1866 Smith moved the operation to Oakville, CT and continued manufacturing tools and hardware in the empty Wheeler and Wilson Sewing Machine building.  Here he patented his second saw set, a hammer type, on Mar. 7, 1876.  The design is similar to the "Hotchkiss pattern" shown to the left.  The main difference between the two is the threaded bottom, which the Smith patent has and the Hotchkiss does not.   Earlier versions of the Hotchkiss have a large circular body and small adjustable depth stops

The company purchased the assets of the Connecticut Shear Company after it moved to Oakville.  Ultimately all other manufactured items would be fazed out except for the line of cutters and pruners.

Seymour Smith & Son was formed when Seymour Smith took his son William as a partner in 1884. 

The Smith Patent shown above right has S. Smith & Son stamped on it, which means it was made after 1884.  In 1912 the company's name was changed to Seymour Smith & Son, Inc. formed by William H. Smith and his sons George and William R.

Seymour Smith & Son continued operation in the location they relocated to in 1866 until 1985, when it was purchased by Vermont American and the plant shut down.  Manufacturing was moved to Somerset, PA and in 2000 Robert Bosch became the owner.

Information on the company was supplied by the Seymour Smith & Son division of the Gilmour Company

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