Otis A. Smith


Otis A. Smith manufactured tools and pistols in Rockfall, Ct.  Maker of the famous Fales Patent combination plane he was in business from 1884 until 1917 (per DATM).  The saw set was first made in 1912 as shown by the advertisement flier.  Available in either bright nickel plate or painted black with a rosewood handle.  The bright nickel plating and the rosewood handle are the same materials that their pistols were made from and together makes perhaps the nicest looking saw set. 






Oddly the design is a throwback to earlier designs such as the Bemis & Call, Burgess and the F & G Rice.  It seems hard to believe that it sold very well competing with Morrill, Taintor and Stearns. 



Perhaps the nickel and rosewood were used to lure people into buying it based upon its looks?


Finally, Otis Smith was not associated with Smith & Wesson, although he competed with them. The Smith of Smith and Wesson fame was Horace Smith.