Hugh Foley and Frank Wardwell



Frank Wardwell patented a saw set in January 18, 1916 in Cleveland, Ohio.  Hugh Foley patented a saw set in October 3, 1916 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.   The two patents are for the same design and seem to claim the same things. 





Examples of the Foley Saw Setter have differences in design and size which seem to point to two different patterns for castings.  The first shows a patent pending date for Foley Mfg. Mpls which is assumed to be Minneapolis.   The second has a Dec 28, 1908 patent date but Foley Mfg Cleveland.  Interesting coincidence that Wardwell's patent was issued in Cleveland and Foley's in Minneapolis.  It appears from this information that Foley either bought out Wardwell's patent or they became partners.  Oddly the earlier patent date Dec 28, 1908 Wardwell uses as an example in his patent and at that time Foley is listed as living in Cleveland.